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All green salad

All green salad

Do you like the concept of ¨All green salad¨? Sounds attractive, no? In our salad recipes, we presente you this ¨All green salad¨ which is an easy recipe to make and time-saving but also nice to taste.

With the only one colour, green, it brings you a simple and spring-feeling look; apart from  its healthy ingredient of lettuce, there are also kiwi and green apple to provide you with a rich amount of Vitamine C. By this combination, health and taste are double ensured. This recipe is also a good choice on Vegetarian recipes.

By simply mix all of them, a totallly green salad is ready for you!

All green salad

Por Wenyi Publicado: February 12, 2014

  • Preparación: 10 min
  • Otro: 5 min
  • Terminada en: 15 min

An all green salad is a salad mixed with lettuce, kiwi and green apple, it offers a completely ¨green¨ look and taste.



  1. wash and prepare all the necessary material for this salad mentioned above.
  2. cut and/or chop the material into suitable size.
  3. Add suitable amount of salad dressing and mix all the ingredients together on a plate.
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