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Chicken salad recipe

Chicken salad recipe

Chicken salad is one of the most simple, easy to make dish but welcomed salads, you can find it in almost all daily recipes; and besides, it provides us with necessary vitamines and proteins which makes it a healthy dish as well. Chicken is rich in protein but with comparatively low fat. If you are interested in chicken dishes, here we provide you with our useful Chicken recipe.

The important point for this dish is the dressing as a good one can add so much more better taste for the whole salad.In this section you are going to know how to make this dish in a even more attractive way!

Let´s  get this simple chicken salad start!

Simple chicken salad

Por Wenyi Publicado: February 12, 2014

  • Resultado: serves 2
  • Preparación: 15 min

Make a bowl of fresh chicken salad and refresh yourself!



  1. Put the chicken, grapes and other food together in a big bowl, mix them with the sauce, onions and juice.
  2. Just simply add some salt and pepper in the end to taste to make it more tasty
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