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frozen yogurt cheese cake

frozen yogurt cheese cake

How to make a cheese cake in an easy way without an oven? Here we present you the idea of frozen yogurt cheese cake, a very smart choice for summer recipes.

Icy and sour yogurt with thick and creamy tasted cheese, this frozen yogurt cheese cake is going to bring you a double-enjoyable taste for sure. Have a big piece of this delicate frozen yogurt cheese cake in a sunshine summer afternoon, it will be a very happy moment, right? And why not add some chocolate and view recipes for different types of chocolate cheesecakes?

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frozen yogurt cheesecake

Por Wenyi Publicado: February 13, 2014

  • Resultado: serves 3 people
  • Preparación: 40 min

Have a cool mixed taste of yogurt and cheese! Best choice for summer dessert!



  1. Put digestive biscuit in a clean visible plastic bag and crush it; melt the butter (in a pan or in a microwave); soften the gelatine with water and the cream cheese with indoor temperature
  2. Mix the butter and biscuits as the base of the cake, put them into the mold and after pressing it, store the mixture in the fridge
  3. put creamcheese and berry sugar in a container, whip it thoroughly and later add rum, lemon juice and egg yolk. Add yogurt, continue stiring
  4. Warm the milk and light cream by microwave, mix the two types of liquids with gelatine (softened). Stir the mixture until the gelatine melts inside the liquid.
  5. Mix it with the cheese paste prepared in the last step. And later pour it slowly into the cake mold which contains the butter biscuit base
  6. Store in the fridge, wait for 4 hours or more until the cheese mixture becomes solid.
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