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A collection of step by step guides with videos and easy to follow instructions. If you want to find out how to make the perfect nutritious healthy meal, how to make an indulgent french toast, or how to create handicrafts like jewelry and gifts, then this is the page for you.

  • Christmas truffles

    Christmas truffles

    Chocolate truffles with a festive sugar and spice coating. Find out how to make them with our simple...

  • Homemade Eggnog Recipe

    Homemade Eggnog Recipe

    Nothing says Christmas like a glass of eggnog in front of the fire. This classic Christmas treat is ...

  • Christmas Yule Log Recipe

    Christmas Yule Log Recipe

    A Christmas celebration isn't complete without a yule log cake. Follow our simple recipe for a rich ...

  • Meringue Recipe

    Meringue Recipe

    Try this meringue recipe for a French dessert that makes a tasty flavour combination with its sweet ...

  • DIY iPhone Cases

    DIY iPhone Cases

    If you're looking for a unique and personalized diy gift idea, then look no further! Add your own pe...

How to carve a pumpkin

Pumpkin Carving

One of the most famous Halloween traditions is pumpkin carving! It's a great way to bond with your family and to put your artistic skills to the test! You can use stencils or be bold and go free hand. Follow the easy steps in this video to learn how to carve your very own pumpkin! Get Creative This year why not forget about ... Read More »

How to make Halloween pumpkin cake

Halloween Pumpkin Cake

Why not use your leftover pumpkin to make a Halloween themed pumpkin cake this October! Follow this easy recipe to make a delicious savoury Halloween treat. Read More »

Ideas: Scary Halloween Costumes

The Shining Costume

Inspiration for a Halloween costumes. Selection of images of scary Halloween costumes including zombies, vampires, witches, mummies and ghosts! Read More »

How to make pizza dough

wholewheat dough

Find out how to make wholewheat pizza dough and check out some of the delicious and healthy pizza toppings so you can create a balanced meal for all the family. Read More »

How to make fried rice

fried rice

Make a healthy dish of chicken and vegetable fried rice in under 20 minutes! Step by step recipe and video tutorial so you can cook in real time. Read More »

How to make leather bracelets

braided bracelet

Get creative with handmade jewelry. Learn how to make your own braided leather bracelet which acts as a great template for more complex designs. Read More »

How to make a cake

victoria sponge cake

Follow this classic recipe for a simple Victoria Sponge cake, its easy to follow and is ready in under an hour! Read More »

How to make French Toast

french toast

A quick and easy recipe to make tasty French Toast with a mild hint of cinnamon and nutmeg. Read More »

How to create the perfect nails

nail polish

Learn how to create some of the most popular nail designs. Videos and tips so that your nails have a salon finish! Read More »

How to make soap

Making a soap bar

Video and step by step guide, aimed at beginners, to making your own soap at home. Read More »

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