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How to create the perfect nails

How to create the perfect nails

Ombre nails

ombre nail This should help you to create the perfect ombre nail. The word 'ombre' is taken from the French word for shade or shadow. The effect really means that of fading one colour into another to create a seamless transition that, when applied correctly, looks great. It takes a little bit of patience but the result is worth it.


  •  Make sure you don't overload the sponge with polish. Its better to put too little than too much then, if needed, you can add multiple layers.
  • Wipe any mistakes with a q-tip dipped in acetone.
  • Glitter also works really well with this technique.


Nail stickers

nail stickers Nail stickers are easy to apply with fantastic results. Create uniform nails (on both hands) with patterns that polish cannot achieve. No mistakes because of unsteady hands, just stick and file!


  • Its better to choose a pattern that is small or repetitive, that way when you cut it to fit your nail it still looks good.
  • Once the sticker is stuck onto the nail, cut with scissors as close to the nail as possible and then file. You dont want to end up with tiny nails due to excessive filing.
  • Why not try and paint your nail with a coat of polish first and apply a partial sticker over the top? The stickers do not always have to cover the whole nail, experiment with patterns using partial ones.


Splatter nails

splatter nails Create nails that Jackson Pollock would be proud of with this messy but effective splatter technique.


  • Tape around the nails to make it a lot easier to clean up after.
  • There are different ways to create the splatter effect, the one in the video using a brush, although a straw can also be used; cut the straw in half, dip in polish and using short breaths blow out the polish onto the nail. (Try saying the word 'two' as you blow through the straw!)
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