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Makeup: Natural, everyday look

Makeup: Natural, everyday look

Everyday makeup should be natural, fresh and give you the right amount of coverage to last the whole day without showing signs of tiredness. Here you can find a simple 'how to' tutorial that is perfect for work, college and weekends. Take 10 minutes out of the morning rush to apply your makeup and reap the benefits throughout the day!

The finished product of your makeup will depend just as much on the makeup you use as how you apply it. Remember to stick to the respected brands, whether this is highstreet brands or quality products. Not only will your makeup last longer but beauty brands develop products that are healthy for your skin.

General Tips

  • Prime skin before you apply makeup. Moisturiser and primer allow makeup to last longer.
  • Instead of using a heavy foundation, opt for a BB cream which is available everywhere. BB cream gives a natural finish as opposed to foundation which often leaves the skin looking 'cakey'. It also has a much lighter coverage and prevents skin breakouts. Apply with a buffer brush - not your hands.
  • Concealer is key! Dot it under and around your eyes to make you appear fresh and awake.
  • Keep bronzer and blush to a minimum. Simply put it in the places you want to create more definition.
  • Eyeliner should also be used sparingly. Use a few coats of mascara instead to outline your eyes.
  • Eyeshadow should be soft and in neutral colours, making sure to blend the colours well. Shimmer is also good for the fresh look.
  • Define eyebrows with a pencil in short strokes as if you are penciling on individual hairs.



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