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Make flowers with washi tape

Make flowers with washi tape

The  Washi tape is one of the frequently used materials for crafts; do you know that it can also make crafts with three dimensions? Here Handspire provides you with the instruction of how to make flowers with washi tape!

Not only you can use these washi tape flowers for room decoration but also as a small gift for friends and relatives. The way to make them is very similar to the paper flowers but washi tape flowers can resiste longer due to the quality difference.

Now choose some washi tapes with the patterns that you like and make some flowers with them!

Instruction from Craftandrepeat

Make washi tape flowers step by step

Por Wenyi Publicado: April 10, 2014

    Make flowers with Washi tape; a craft which is entertaining as well as can decorate your home



    1. Choose two colors, and measure 6 strips of each color of 4 cm. We glued each strip with glue meanwhile, if you get wrinkles straighten the finger.
    2. Fold one strip in half, do not worry the color is visible or not.
    3. Then fold it in half; that is to say, horizontally.
    4. Fold so that the short side with the double faces left and the long side is with the double bottom. Starting with the bottom cut a small curve right. This is the round part of your petals.
    5. Unfold everything
    6. Now fold it as you see in the picture, leaving the color you want as the primary inside the double one.
    7. Now fold the ends out, as you can see in the picture.
    8. It will be similar to an accordion.
    9. Now fold everything in half
    10. Circle with both washi tapes and make him a circle in the middle, you will center the flower, to hold the stem.
    11. Put some glue in the middle to the petals is securely attached and not separate.
    12. Paste the full three to c'riculo, as you see in the image petals.
    13. Cut the wire at the length you want.
    14. Cut a strip of washi tape the same length as the wire and place the wire near one edge.
    15. Paste the washi tape around the wire. Glue the flower and it is done!
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