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Make flowers with post-it

Make flowers with post-it

The Post-it turned out to be a very functional for decorating and as crafts materials, therefore we will show you how to make flowers with Post-it to keep you busy practicing art crafts with paper.
These flowers can be a nice decorative element or you can craft them with children and spend a period of entertaining time together, surely they do not know all the possibilities that you hide in small notes. In addition, we have also prepared another interesting craft  tutorial: how to make a pirate costume for Hallowenn, which helps your kid to stand out during the Halloween season.
Explore your skills with crafts of these lovely  flowers and create fun with Post-it.


From:  I Heart Jenny Sart

Post-it flowers

Por Wenyi Publicado: April 14, 2014

    Learn to make flowers with post-it in a quick and eas way step by step!



    1. Trace this form of approximately 2.5 cm in the post-it, you fit aprócumadante 4 paper.
    2. Draw the above manner, making the interior lines of the circles to make the petal.
    3. Cut each petal, make flowers with post-it; Fold the bottom edge of each petal using a double type Z.
    4. Use this template to draw a flower, which will serve as a basis, in a post-it and cut it out.
    5. Paste zealously hoop petals, try the top edge of each petal remains sandwiched between the petals of the flower base.
    6. Pega otro aro más de pétalos más hacia dentro
    7. Paste the last patel, arrange the flower and then it is done!
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