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Decorate pencils with washi tape

Decorate pencils with washi tape

If you are now fed up with losing pencils or you have the idea that all pencils are more or less identical, here we offer you with one solution: Decorate pencils with washi tape. In this case, you can have pencils with different styles of clothing and not that easy to forget them somewhere. And besides, you can change the decoration of washi tape whenever you feel bored with the previous one, as it can be easily removed and reput again.

Give a different and fun twist to your material for class or work with this idea with washi tape. If you want to see more ideas with washi tape toturiales visit Handspire more often!

How to decorate pencils with washi tape?

Por Wenyi Publicado: April 10, 2014

    Give your pencils a different touch and decorate them with washi tape!



    1. choose a roll of washi tape that you like, you can start with rolling small pieces horizontally around the pencil.
    2. Another option is to cut a strip of the same length as the pencil and roll. After short while the surplus with the cutter.
    3. Por último puedes decorar el lápiz alternando tiras de washi tape de diferentes colores y estampados.
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