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he washi tape is a paper tape introduced to Japan by a Korean Buddhist priest about the year 610. This Japanese zeal also known as masking tape, is made from natural ingreditnes as plants, bamboo, hemp, rice or wheat, what makes it more special is the absence of chemicals in the production process. In 2006, it has been begun manufactured by a company specializing in adhesive tapes. The possibilities and ways to make crafts with washi tape are numbers, if you want to know more about Washi tape crafts, do not miss this part of Handspire!

Make flowers with washi tape

The Washi tape is one of the frequently used materials for crafts; do you know that it can also make crafts with three dimensions? Here Handspire provides you with the instruction of how to make flowers with washi tape! Read More »

Decorate pencils with washi tape

If you are now fed up with losing pecils or you have the idea that all pencils are more or less identical, here we offer you with one solution: Decorate pencils with washi tape. Read More »

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