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How to make: A Christmas tree skirt

Put the finishing touches to your Christmas tree decorations with a handmade tree skirt. Tree skirts are a practical way of covering unsightly Christmas tree stands and collecting any fallen needles from real trees.

Once you have mastered the tree skirt you can use the same template but to make a Christmas table topper or even a Christmas wall hanging by tweaking the design slightly!

Have a look at the designs below to get some festive inspiration and then make your own DIY tree skirt by watching the video and following the step by step tutorial...

christmas tree skirt christmas tree skirt christmas tree skirt  christmas tree skirt

christmas tree skirt  christmas tree skirt  christmas tree skirt  christmas tree skirt

Easy mini Christmas tree skirt

christmas tree skirt

Por natalie Publicado: November 14, 2013

    This tutorial means you can make mini table toppers or skirts for smaller trees but if you want a bigger one then just use more fabric and a larger template!



    1. Take one square and lay the dresden ruler onto it. You should be able to get 3 triangles from each 10x10 inch square of fabric.
    2. Cut out 3 pieces from the fabric.
    3. You will need 20 triangles to make one full circle so repeat the cutting process until you have all the pieces.
    4. Sew the pieces together using a sewing machine. Sew about a quarter of an inch away from the seam. Do this using 2 pieces at a time and iron flat after each seam is sewn.
    5. Sew all the triangles together to make a circle but leave one seam free so that you have an 'opening'.
    6. Choose a fabric to back the skirt and lay the skirt on top. Using sticjk and spray attach the skirt and the backing together
    7. Sew around the open seams with a straight stitch.
    8. Pin bias binding all around the top seams, the bottom seams and the opening seams of the skirt. (SEE VIDEO FOR DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS)
    9. Optionally, put ribbons or velcro on the opening.
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