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Handmade clay gift tag for Christmas

This clay gift tag is something different that will definitely make your Christmas gift stand out from the rest. Make a personalized address to the recipient by adding your own personal message or by putting their name letter onto the front. Because we are using clay, it means the tag can be kept afterwards and hung onto the Christmas tree as a decoration or even used for name place settings around the table!

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Find out how to make it below...

Clay gift tag

Por natalie Publicado: November 8, 2013

    A quick and easy DIY to make a gift tag to remember!



    1. You wll need to manipulate the clay in your hands for a while before you start to mould with it.
    2. Take a small piece (according to the size you want to make your tag) and mould into a rough circle shape.
    3. Take the acrylic block and press down onto the clay. Make sure you are working on a flat surface to get a uniform thickness and even surface.
    4. Wet your finger and smooth over the surface to get rid of any wrinkles.
    5. Using the embosser (or something with a pointy tip) or even a stamp, write/press into the clay a message or letter of your choice. Once finished the tag is ready to be cut to size. The top of a cup is perfect for cutting a neat circle shape. Remove any excess clay after cutting.
    6. Punch a hole in the top of the tag so you can attach it to gifts and presents. Do this with an old pen tip. Push right through the clay and remove the inside.
    7. Pick the tag off the surface and smooth the edges using your finger and some water.
    8. Put to the side and leave to dry.
    9. Once dry the tag can be painted and a ribbon threaded through the hole to attach to gifts.
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