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DIY Advent Calendar

DIY Advent Calendar

Make your own Christmas Advent Calendar

Advent calendars are so much better when you make them yourself! Instead of opening a door each day to a bitesize chocolate piece go DIY and make boxes, paper bags, envelopes or fabric bags for each day! Open up a unique surprise that will keep your loved ones guessing right up to the 25th! These advent calendars are perfect for decorating your home too. Make this the best build up to Christmas ever and make your own unique Advent Calendar...

diy advent calendar diy advent calendar diy advent calendar diy advent calendar

diy advent calendar diy advent calendar diy advent calendar diy advent calendar

Paper Bag Advent Calendar

Paper bags are incredibly cheap and add a rustic twist to this DIY Advent Calendar. Simply fill them with goodies and number them using stickers, paint or a pen and hang them from a string using clips (...washing pegs also look great!).


Box Advent Calendar

If you have a little more time to make an Advent Calendar then try this one using boxes. Check out the template below for an easy way to make a box from a piece of card and then fill with sweets or little toys. Stack them in a square or be more creative and make a christmas tree shape! You could even tie string around the boxes themselves and hang them on the tree for the kids to find each day.

box advent calendar template

Envelope Advent Calendar

Countdown to Christmas with a DIY advent calendar made from envelopes. It is so easy to construct and is a fantastic way to hide clues, Christmas messages or a Holiday activity for that day... bigger envelopes may also be able to hide small treats too! Simply decorate your envelopes and number them. Hang from a string using pegs or clips and there you go!

envelope advent calendar

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