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DIY Christmas Stocking

DIY Christmas Stocking

Make your own Christmas stocking...

It's almost time to take out the Christmas stockings from the cupboard ready to be hung on the fireplace for the arrival of Santa. Not only are they practical for holding presents and making sure gifts get to the rightful recipient, but they are also a decorative feature that are usually on display in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

This is the perfect opportunity to make a Christmas stocking that is tailor made to fit in with the rest of your home decor! You could even give it as a gift and applique a letter on to make it personal. See the tutorial below for how to make a basic Christmas stocking...

Christmas stocking DIY Christmas stocking DIY Christmas stocking DIY Christmas stocking DIY





Simple Christmas Stocking

christmas stocking

Por natalie Publicado: November 7, 2013

    A basic stocking that people of all abilities can make.



    1. Using a template made from paper, cut out a stocking shape in the outside material and in the batting.
    2. Put the outside pieces facing together and lay the batting one over and under (like a sandwich!).
    3. Sew the 4 layers together all the way round the edge - leave the opening free though!
    4. Turn the stocking inside out (so it is now the right way!)
    5. Place the cuff into the stocking and line up the edge of the cuff with the edge of the stocking. Sew all the way round and fold the cuff over.
    6. Hand sew the ribbon into the edge of the stocking to make a loop and you are ready to hang!
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