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How to recycle pallets

int(2) Before we set ourselves as manufactrers to make furnitures with pallets, we have to check the pallet´s condition: If the surface is irregular, if it has woodworm or other deficiency which can stop us from working smoothly. Follow the steps below to learn how to DIY with pallets. It is recommended to submit the pallet disinfected if you have had a ... Read More »

How to dismantle pallets

With this tutorial we teach you how to dismantle pallets in a quick and secured way. If we want to make furnitures with pallets, like the manufacture custom, we should always take the hammer and even the planks of the pallet for making table with pallet, armchairs, sofas , tables, bedframes, drawers, nighstands and wadrobes. But if we do not follow ... Read More »

Pallet table:ideas

One of the most useful pallet furniture is the Pallet table. The recycled pallets can adapt to different ways and styles of making tables due to its square shape and stright lines. Read More »

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