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Pallet table:ideas

Pallet table:ideas

One of the most useful pallet furniture is the Pallet table. The recycled pallets can adapt to different ways and styles of making tables due to its square shape and stright lines. Making tables or making the ¨Legs¨ of the tables with recycled pallets will not bring difficulties to us. Besides, working good on it and with appropriate action, the pallet table can adapt to whatever living room or bedroom at your home, making our interior decoration in an easier way!

Before making furnitures with recycled pallets, make sure that you process them correctly. If you like, you can add one or more layers of varnish. Youcan also apply a coat of paint color which you want and the best suits our lounge or kitchen. It is suggested to stop between boards a table a millimeter away, because in summer the wood expands and can cause the planks rise or spoilage.

Video: How to make a pallet table

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