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How to recycle pallets

How to recycle pallets


Before we set ourselves as manufactrers to make furnitures with pallets, we have to check the pallet´s condition: If the surface is irregular, if it has woodworm or other deficiency which can stop us from working smoothly. Follow the steps below to learn how to DIY with pallets.

  • It is recommended to submit the pallet disinfected if you have had a previous use. You must apply a fungicide product to avoid the attack of fungi or insects and moisture.
  • If the material has woodworm, you must acquire a killing insects spray and injected with a syringe into the small gaps that we see in the wood. Thensecured  the pallet with a plastic lid with tape so that no air can get in for two weeks and the problem will be fixed.
  • for unjoin the pallets´ legs, it is suggested to sand down the pallet; in this way the splinters are also removed.
  • Top with a hammer or protruding bent nails.
  • Applicate a clear layer of varnish, if you want to maintain a nice appearance of the wood, paint or color it. Not only to that, this layer can help to protect the material as well. If you prefer to keep the original feel and color of the pallet, you can simply skip this step.
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