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How to dismantle pallets

With this tutorial we teach you how to dismantle pallets in a quick and secured way. If we want to make furnitures with pallets, like the manufacture custom, we should always take the hammer and even the planks of the pallet for making table with pallet, armchairs, sofas , tables, bedframes, drawers, nighstands and wadrobes.

But if we do not follow a few  steps when it comes to the time to dismantle the pallet, we may hurt us or damage the wood. In this case, we suggest you to read the following content carefully in order to know how to recycle pallets and prepare to convert them into a decoration element at home.

Dismantle a pallet

Por Wenyi Publicado: April 25, 2014

    We show you how to dismantle a pallet without hurting yourself; neither damage a single piece of it.


    • 2 hammer one for the carpenter


    1. Put the pallet upside down and use a hammer to remove the legs of the pallet. Remove the small pieces of wood connecting the base with the table above.
    2. Put the palllet on the pieces which we have removed the nails and have been exposed up.
    3. Remove the nails with a hammer. If the nails are bent, we help ourselves with a hammer to straight them.
    4. We turn to the pallet and just removing screws and nails with a nail or remove them with a claw hammer.
    5. Continue removing the pallet tables with the tool´s help. If needed, get a removable or a resilient rod.
    6. We remove the nails or screws that have contorted tables helping the hammer.
    7. Remove pallets 7Golpeamos with hammer wood blocks will still be stuck to some tables.
    8. Remove pallets 8've got your pallet disassembled and ready to make your furniture!
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