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The advantages of laser cutting your crafts and DIY

laser cutting advantages

Cut accurately can be very difficult sometimes. It may be the material we want to shape, that the tools we have are inadequate or simply do not have enough ability to do it. Because if even if you are good at DIY or crafts, there are times when the cut is simply not correct and we are left with the ... Read More »

Interior styling starters guide: the basics for decorating your home

Decorating your new house can be a challenge, but here are the basic tips you need to know to make it much easier. Read More »

The unexpected value of tagging your customized clothes

customized woven tags for clothes

Like personalizing your gifts with a letter, a ribbon or something unique, sometimes you just need to create it. You know it will be something different that not only will wrap your present, but will also will surprise the receiver. Don’t you? Or what about when you are throwing a party and you wish to make everyone feel special? With ... Read More »

Buying furniture online: Is it worth it?

It can be tricky buying furniture online, particularly if your only option is the local furniture shop or even if you live in a big city, sometimes you just don’t have the time to drive to the suburbs to buy that piece of furniture you need to decorate your house. Furthermore, furniture is rarely an impulsive buy. You may fall ... Read More »

How to Bake a Victoria Sponge

Follow this recipe by beauty blogger Kenzie Benali for a deliciously British victoria sponge. Read More »

Gift ideas and inspiration: Soap

Colourful soap bars

Find ideas and inspiration to make your own soap at home and create the perfect, original gift. Read More »

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