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The unexpected value of tagging your customized clothes

The unexpected value of tagging your customized clothes

Like personalizing your gifts with a letter, a ribbon or something unique, sometimes you just need to create it. You know it will be something different that not only will wrap your present, but will also will surprise the receiver. Don’t you? Or what about when you are throwing a party and you wish to make everyone feel special?

With clothes, sometimes, we have the same feeling. It is like the battle of custom clothing vs corporate clothing. When you look around, everyone’s clothes, no matter which retailer they bought it from, looks the same.

Fortunately, for us, in today’s creative world, we can create our own clothes and decorate it with as many personalized items as we want. Think about those t-shirts with amazing quotes that say a lot about you, about how you are, what you think. Custom clothes let you be in charge of creating your personal brand.  And this is how some new clothing companies started in the last years.

But customized or unique clothing does not stop when a garment is finished. Have you ever think about the clothing hang tags? Clothes' tags, are the most overlooked details, but they are small pieces of creative design that give a glimpse of a company or artist trademark, and they are an art of their own.

There are different types of tags that you can use for branding. Screen printed tags are the most popular due to they are the most cost effective way to get them. However, some don't last as long as the garment does. Opting for woven tags may be a better option because the look much more professional, but they are more expensive.

Whichever you choose, if you want to stand out from the crowd and make sure you are remembered! Don’t forget the unexpect value of the tags. 

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