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Interior styling starters guide: the basics for decorating your home

Interior styling starters guide: the basics for decorating your home

Decorating your new house can be a challenge, especially if you are among those who say: Oh! Interiors are not my kind of thing! Well, It may be true, but asking yourself the right questions and having at hand these basic tips, the sometimes hard task of giving life to that special room in your home will be much easier.

First of all, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself. Which style do you prefer? What paint colors will you choose? Will you paint all your rooms with the same color, or will they change? Are you going to buy new furniture? What about some second hand pieces?

It may be overwhelming think about the costs of decorating your home, but having a tight budget is not an impediment for making your dream house come true.

Here are the basics you need to take into consideration when buying for furniture and getting yourself inside the universe of interior styling:

  • Which of the pieces you already have fit in your plan? It is true is not as exciting as buying new furniture from the store, but you can save a few pounds for your must-have purchases. Researching the Internet is a good way of getting new ideas that can transform and old and boring sofa into a brand new and essential element of your living-room.
  • Bring live to your rooms. The paintings on the wall, the lights hanging from the walls or the ceiling… little details count. For example, have you think about plants? No matter how big or small your home is, plants (living better than plastic) give life and are a basic inside the world of interior styling. Furthermore, there are great websites where you can buy online planters or flower boxes that will can adapt to any style.
  • Color your walls up. This is one of the greatests decor secrets: color is cheap and it can transform a room completely. The best secret before painting the walls: opt for a color you love. Not too bright or dark, but warm and gentle. Plus, choose two different tones: one that will your primary color and a secondary one.

Follow this essential tips and plan in advance what you want and need and transforming an empty and lifeless room into a cosy space that you will never want to leave.  

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