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Halloween crafts: Halloween lantern

Halloween crafts: Halloween lantern

Are you looking for some decorations for your home this Halloween? Here we teach you how to make a horrific Halloween lantern with a step-by-step instruction on Handspire.

It will be a dark motif in the party with your kids that they can have fun. Our instruction helps you to make these scary faces and enjoy doing crafts with your kids together.

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How to make a Halloween lantern

Por Wenyi Publicado: April 10, 2014

    discorver this simple crafts step by step to make Halloween lanterns!



    1. Draw on the cardboard, the ¨Face¨ of the lantern; use a craft knife to cut the nose, eyes and other parts of the face.
    2. Paste cardboard behind a piece of orange paper
    3. Cylinder shape to the cardboard and paste
    4. Place the candle inside and light it!
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