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Halloween crafts: kids pirate costume

Halloween crafts: kids pirate costume

Create a kids pirate costume quickly and easily by studying the Halloween crafts  tutorial step by step you find below.

This kids pirate costume is simple to be made  with items you can find at home, although some of them  need to be bought at costume shops, but still, it is going to be an economic and eye-chatching disguise for your kids during the Halloween season! The homemade pirate costumes are quite versatile because you can add and change some elements which you have at home. You must keep in mind that the pirates do not go perfectly dressed and wear what they are, so even the clothes for the child you are large or very old, no problem, it will help to recreate the best pirate costume.

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How to make a kid pirate costume

Por Wenyi Publicado: April 10, 2014

    Make a simple pirate costume for your child without knowing seam.



    1. Cut the legs with scissors, as if broken and torn from below. Put inside a blouse pants make it big.
    2. Tie a red scarf around the waist and a bandana around his head. Add any of the rhinestones, and put the eye patch and hook.
    3. With a sponge gets black paint and Paint her beard and nephro tooth. If you have a bird or parrot toys, you can attach it with wire as a wristband or sew.
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