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Transform your bedroom into hotel luxury

Transform your bedroom into hotel luxury

The bedroom is your place of rest and comfort after a hard day’s work so why not spoil yourself with some added luxury. Decorating your bed is the most important way to feel relaxed because we all love to snuggle up into our duvet and rest our heads on fluffy pillows.

So how do you decorate your bedroom to replicate that luxurious hotel feeling? The secret to decorating the bedroom is in the use of luxury pillows and a hotel duvet. It may sound simple but you will surprise yourself because doing it is even simpler! There is no need to hire a decorator or interior expert because you can become one yourself.

Whether you are looking for new home décor ideas or you want to revamp a children’s bedroom, we have the best options for you to makeover your bedroom and decorate your bed in a way that will make you never want to leave!

Decorating the bed with luxury pillows

Where you lay your head at night will determine how well you sleep. We all desire a restless and cosy night in dreamland so the pillows on your bed are an essential key to comfort.

Choosing the best luxury pillow can be hard to determine. With so many choices available, you should first try out different pillows to see which you prefer. Some sleepers like one pillow while others like to sleep with two. Many people prefer fluffy pillows and others would rather a firmer and more supportive one.

Before buying your pillows, it would be a good idea to visit a few home stores to see the range of different luxury pillows available and the different types of fillings they have that determine their firmness or fluffiness. From here, you can select your chosen lavish pillow and start renovating your bedroom to have that hotel luxury feeling.

For some added decoration, try making your own embroidery cushions using our step-by-step guide. They add colour and character to any bedroom or living room and can provide a touch of elegance while maintaining a tone of comfort.

Choosing a hotel duvet for the bed

After the pillows, the next step is to select the right duvet for your bed. The duvet will keep you warm and snuggly on a winter’s night but also provide some comfort on a hot evening. Again, visiting home decoration shops can be very helpful to see the different style of luxury duvets that are available.

Depending on the country you live in, you may need to go for a thicker duvet or a thinner duvet due to the weather and temperatures. Also, depending on the levels of comfort you want, it might be ideal to choose a fluffy hotel duvet or a warmer duvet, or why not a combination of the two!

It may seem unusual to analyse your sleep in order to decorate your bed with pillows and duvets but this is the best way to match up your comfort. Nobody likes to get too hot or too cold in bed and hotel duvets find the perfect balance.

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