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DIY Embroidery: Cushion

DIY Embroidery: Cushion

Looking to redecorate your home on a budget? You can completely transform the look of a bedroom or lounge just by updating your cushion covers! Check out this diy cushion cover embroidery which doesn't require any sewing!

Monogramming your cushion is a great way to revamp your interior design without splashing out and it is so easy to do!

There are many ways in which you can personalize your fabric design, here is a quick step by step on how to monogram your cushion cover using cord. All you need is:

  • Fabric glue
  • Cording or ribbon
  • disappearing ink pen and marker pen
  • graph paper

Firstly draw your design or monogram onto your graph paper. Then place the graph paper underneath the fabric and using the disappearing ink pen trace your design onto the fabric. Next go over your outline with the fabric glue, sections at a time, and stick your ribbon or cording onto the fabric. Dab a small blob of fabric glue onto the end of any ribbon or cording to prevent fraying.

Here are some images of diy cushion covers to give you some ideas:

DIY Cushion DIY Cushion DIY Cushion DIY Cushion DIY Cushion DIY Cushion DIY Cushion DIY Cushion

Follow this video tutorial to find out how to create your personalized cushion cover from scratch and monogram using glitter!

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