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How to make a Valentine´s card

How to make a Valentine´s card

Surprise your sweet half with a valentine´s card made ​​by you. If you have good hand crafts in making a card, it would be very easy to make a gift, but this instruction is also suitable for the inexperienced. If you want to start in art washi tape or paper patchwork style, it is your chance.

Celebrate this special day with a handmade gift from you as special as this one to your couple, would be a nice choice. The cards are great for preserving memories.  If you want to have more options check our ideas for Festival  crafts and involve  yourself in all creations there.

How to make a card for Valentine´s Day

Por Wenyi Publicado: April 14, 2014

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Prepare this card for Valentine´s Day in an ensy way with the technique of scrapbooking.



  1. Draw a heart on the white poster board and cover with washi tape starting from the center.
  2. Cut out the ¨Heart¨.
  3. Draw the other heart (Smaller than the first one) on a white cardboard
  4. Transfer it on a strip of black cardboard about two inches wide.
  5. Make a piece of paper 10x28 cm with the card. Choose the pattern of the paper that you like most, cut to this size and fold it in half.
  6. Cut a small heart cutter strip of black cardstock. Place your heart with washi tape and then underneath it all over the card, so you can see the layout.
  7. Paste the heart on the strip.
  8. Do the two brands and three centimeters above and below the strip of black cardstock. Une along the lines and cut the excess.
  9. Make shade with a black pencil around the strip.
  10. With the black pen make the stitch on the heart.
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