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Kids Christmas Activities

Kids Christmas Activities

Kids crafts and activities for the Holidays

Here are a few of our favorite easy DIY activities to get creative with the kids this Christmas...

Paper Stars

5 point star craft     5 point star craft     3d paper star craft

What you need:

  • Square sheet of paper
  • String (if you want to hang them)

Make 3D paper stars by following this simple tutorial. Once your kids get the hang of it, the Christmas tree is guaranteed to be full of them! Before you start to fold, draw designs on the paper or use glue and glitter to make jazzy colourful stars. Then once you have your 3D star punch a little hole in one of the points, loop the string and attach to the tree.

Mini Pine Cone Christmas Trees

pine cone christmas tree diy     pine cone christmas tree diy     pine cone christmas tree diy

What you need:

  • Pine cones
  • Paint
  • Glue
  • Decorations - pom-poms, sequins, stars
  • String or mini plant pot

Let your kids have a go at making these cute pine cone Christmas trees! Simply paint the pinecone, stick on the decorations and attach a loop of string or secure into a mini plant pot. They are great for handmade Christmas tree decorations or to make as DIY Christmas gifts.

Handprint Christmas Wreath

handprint christmas wreath     handprint christmas wreath     felt handprint wreath

What you need:

  • Green card (different shades) or green felt
  • Paint (optional)
  • Red poms-poms and ribbon for decoration
  • Ribbon to hang

This is the perfect personalized Christmas decoration. Get the whole family to make handprints on green card or felt. Just draw round your hands and cut them out or print your handprints using paint and cut round the print. Either way you will get a unique result every time! Finish with red ribbon and pom-poms and hang on the door.


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