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Halloween Games Ideas

Halloween Games Ideas

Game 1 - Mystery Bowls

This is an exciting game for children and adults! The basic idea is to stick your hand into something you can't see and fish around for a prize. Because its Halloween, the contents of the mystery bowl should be freaky/gooey/anything unexpected!

For a party that is held indoors try these as ideas for bowls: Name one bowl 'Monster Eyeballs' and fill with peeled grapes. 'Ears of Frankenstein' cn be the name of another bowl and this works well with dried apricots. For a bowl entitled 'Tarantula Legs' you can use pipe cleaners and  baby carrots wrapped in gauze are good for a bowl called 'Mummy Toes'.

If you are having an outdoor party take the game to another level and fill a large container with dyed pasta and a bloody red tomato sauce! The result is a tub with what looks like guts and intestines. Place a few prizes (or objects that can be substituted for a prize) into the mixture and get participants to plunge their hands into the gory mess.

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Game 2 - Spooky Bowling

This is just like regular 10 pin bowling only on a much smaller scale! its safe to play in the house or outside on a flat surface.

This game means you can get creative in the build up to Halloween with your children and make bowling pins from empty tins of soup or toilet rolls! Paint them, stick things on them, make them into spooky characters and finally stack them ready to be bowled over.

You can make your own or use small pumpkins as balls.

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Game 3 - Apple Bobbing

The traditional Halloween pasttime that everyone can get involved in.

For an eerie take on the game, bury the apples with a gooey sweet that can only be enjoyed by those who successfully 'bob'!

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Game 4 - Bewitching Piñata

Make children work to earn their sweet treats this Halloween by making a DIY piñata to be broken open at parties and gatherings. Piñatas are easy to make at home into whatever design you like - Frankenstein, a bat, a ghost, a pumpkin...

Simply layer pieces of newspaper over an inflated balloon using papier-mâché (to make papier-mâché, mix 1 part flour with 2 parts water in a large bowl). Leave a small hole at the bottom so that when it is completely dried you can remove the balloon and fill with sweets.

Attach a ribbon vertically around the piñata and layer more newspaper over the top. The ribbon will be used to hang up the piñata. In total you should have at least 3 layers of papier-mâché, each time allow to dry completely.

Once dry, fill with sweets, cover the hole with tape and another layer of papier-mâché and decorate!

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