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Halloween decorations

Halloween decorations

Give your home a spooky makeover for Halloween and try some of these simple DIY ideas...

1. Pumpkin party cooler

pumpkin party cooler pumpkin party cooler

A great way to store beers if you're hosting a party this Halloween. Simply carve out the pumpkin, place a bowl inside, fill with ice and beer! You may want to place something under the pumpkin as lots of ice = lots of water!

2. Halloween table legs

halloween table legs halloween table legs

Bewitch your table with these leg decorations. You can buy pre made Halloween leg covers for your table or simply use your own stockings and shoes.

3. Hanging spider egg sack

spider egg sack halloween spider egg sack halloween

This is a decoration that will truly churn your stomach... egg sacks teaming with spiders! Simply place a foam egg inside a white stocking, add a few plastic spiders inside and cut to the desired length. Then hot glue gun some more eight legged creatures on the outside and hang up. Try hanging a few of these at different lengths for a really creepy decor.

4. Giant spider web

giant spider web giant spider web

Perfect for occupying the corner of the room or a window cove, these giant spider webs are easy to make with a roll of yarn, sticky tape/pins and some spiders for authenticity! (To learn how to create the web take a look at this blogpost

5. Spooky centrepieces for your table

table centrepiece halloween table centrepiece halloween table centrepiece halloween table centrepiece halloween table centrepiece halloween

Candles, skulls, pumpkins, black/orange colour scheme... these centrepieces have got Halloween covered! If you're hosting a party you could even include edible centrepieces, like the skull made from ham, to certainly make an impression upon your guests.

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