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DIY Party Favors: Paper Flowers

DIY Party Favors: Paper Flowers

Paper flower party favors are a great diy gift for your guests. Ideal for a wedding, birthday, bridal or baby shower! Be creative with your party favors! Popular gifts usually include candy, chocolate, nail varnish and perfume.

Not only are they very cheap to make, these beautiful personalized party favors are sure to impress your guests!


DIY paper flower party favors

party favour paper flowers

Por mercedes Publicado: October 15, 2013

    Follow this easy guide to make your personalized party favors.



    1. Fold your tissue paper into quarters. The bigger the piece of tissue paper the bigger your flower will be.
    2. Trace stencil onto the tissue paper or draw petals free hand.
    3. diy paper flower party favorCut out outline of petals, unfold and lay flat onto surface.
    4. Use a different colour of tissue paper to wrap your party favor. Size of tissue paper will depend on size of party favor.
    5. Paper flower party favor diyPlace your wrapped party favor into the centre of the paper flower and fold up into the centre to create flower shape.
    6. Place ribbon between the top of the party favor and the bottom of the flower and tie into a bow.
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