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DIY infinity scarf

Infinity scarf is one of the main roles during the harsh winter; not only it brings warmth but also because it make people more stylish. When facing so many choices of infinity scarf, have you ever got the idea of DIY infinity scarf?

In this section, Handspire offers you with a smart idea of DIY infinity scarf out of an old sweater! Not only it recycled the abandoned material, but also provides you an easy and quick way (no sewing) to make a lovely infinity scarf. The other type is with sewing but an easy one for sewing beginners.  You can choose different kinds of decorations for it as you like! In addition, this DIY infinity scarf can also be a lovely gift for mom or your friends during Christmas or other festival season, birthdays and other celebration time.

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Instructions from Lazysaturdays

DIY infinity scarf

Por Wenyi Publicado: April 8, 2014

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Make yourself a stylish infinity scarf!



  1. Lay the fabric out, fold right side together long ways and pin. Stitch along the pinned edge.
  2. Flip right side out. You now have a long tube. Press the seam you just made.
  3. Start pinning the two openings of the tube together. I recommend starting by lining up the seams then working your way around.
  4. Now the fabric looks like an actual infinity scarf with a hole. Using a needle and thread, hand stitch the hole closed. Thats it!
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