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DIY: Dip dye

DIY: Dip dye

Dip dye is the latest trend that is hitting the high street, this cool paint effect gives a really cute summery, boho look.

You can dip dye almost any item of clothing and it's really easy to do, so follow the steps in this tutorial for the perfect dip dye sneakers!

Here are some examples of diy dip dye projects:

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DIY dip dye sneakers

Por mercedes Publicado: October 16, 2013

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Follow these easy steps to create the perfect summer dip dye sneakers



  1. Create your dye mix: According to the instructions on your fabric dye; add salt and hot water to the dye and mix well.
  2. diy dip dye shoesApply Vaseline to the areas of your shoe that you do not want to be dyed.
  3. Soak part of the shoe that you want to be dip dyed. i.e tip or heel of the shoe. Smudge with cloth or paint brush for desired effect.
  4. Leave to dry for at least 24 hours.
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