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DIY: Create your own graphic T-shirt

This tutorial will allow you to create your own T-shirt design in no time at all! It's user friendly and can be done in your own home.

Graphic print T-shirt Graphic print T-shirt Graphic print T-shirt Graphic print T-shirt

You will need:

A plain t-shirt, heat transfer paper, an inkjet printer, an iron

For this method it is essential you use heat transfer paper and an inkjet printer to create a high quality finish.

1. To get started you need to choose an image or text that you want to appear on your shirt. If the image is large it will be scaled down to fit an A4 sheet of paper, so keep this in mind.

2. REMEMBER! Reverse the image or text before printing. After ironing, it will look like your original design.

3. Once printed, cut out the design so you are left with the design only and no extra transfer paper (some transfer papers leave a clear film even when there is no ink).

4. Lay the image over the top of your tshirt and position it where you want.

5. Iron over the image (SEE VIDEO TUTORIAL).

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