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Are you interested in DIY? DIY is the initial of "Do it yourself" and is now popular in many countries. After the concept of "DIY" is formed, a group of relating industries become popular as well; meanwhile, more people begin to think how to cooperate DIY into their daily life. DIY provides people a creative life which is not only interesting but also economical sometimes.

As life becomes more and more rich and varied, along with a lot of useless items which is a waste to throw them away; DIY allows you to produce something new from them without spending a penny. It only charges a little bit of your effort and  time. While DIY some gifts for your friends and relatives, your personal feelings and creations are dissolved in them which make this gift an unique one in te world.

DIY allows you to express your imagination and be creative!

Share ideas among people, enjoy a low-carbon life!


DIY clothesDIY Clothes and Accessories

Our dress code is one of the ways to show our own characters, that is why DIY clothes is one of the hotest DIY items. You can DIY your own T.Shirt by simply printing some patterns or texts that you like or have your own dress just by yourself from a piece of cloth.  In this case, there is no need to worry about the size or whether the style/general design is of your interests or not! Meanwhile, you can also make your own accessories from bracelet to belt! DIY clothes and accessories allows you be your own costume designer!

Clothes & accessories

sewing projectsDIY Sewing projects

Do you miss the past sewing time? In this section, Handspire provides you with free sewing patterns as well as sewing tutorials for different kinds of sewing projects. In this way, not only you can have your ¨own brand¨ clutch but also a special version of bed cover which let you sleep more comfortable.

Sewing ideas

christmas decorDIY Christmas decoration

Christmas, the most important festival in the end of a year, not only it is a time for family reunion but also a break time for you to welcome the new year. In this case, are you interested in DIY some Christmas decor for home by yourself? Not only it can makes your home looks nicer but also let have a special ¨creative time¨ during the Christmas break, and the most important thing is that your house will be decorated in a more homly way and enjoy a family gathering time rather than in a commercial way.

Christmas decoration

giftsDIY Gifts

A gift from can bring people much closer despite its actual value, as it contains your affection to your couple, friends and relatives which makes it valuable. Here we provide you with some ideas and suggestions regarding self-making gifts, we hope that you can be inspired by these ideas and make your own version of a gift for the one you care for. With an unique version of a gift, it is for sure that some extra credits are added to you by the gift receiver!

DIY gifts

home decorDIY Home decor

It is said that a person´s character can be seen in some ways through his or her living environment; tired of a bored home decoration and want to renew it and add your own creation to it? This section will give you some ideas about Home decor DIY. In this case, it is ensured that your home has its own appealing character, just like you!

Furnitures & Home decor

beauty productsDIY Beauty

Not sure about whether the beauty products you purchased are harmless or meet your skin´s needs? Why don´t you try DIY beauty products by your own? Not only you can control the quality of the final products but also make them according to your specific needs. The most appeling point is, for the make-up you can choose your own colour!

Skin care products


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