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Not sure about whether the beauty products you purchased are harmless or meet your skin´s needs? Why don´t you try DIY beauty products by your own? Here Handspire provides you with instructions of the most frequently used daily cosmetics, which are safe and useful.

DIY Body Scrub

After a cold winter, your body is waking up step by step as the temperature is going up. When the whole surroundings are changing into a new look, why don´t you get a new look for your skin as well by using some body scrub? Read More »

DIY Shampoo

It is time to make yourself a bottle of DIY Shampoo! Read More »

DIY Lip balm

Any interests in making yourself a DIY lip balm? Handspire knows the secret to protect your lip skin! Read More »

DIY hair mask

Hair mask is always effective when solving the problem of losing moisture and glow, a DIY hair mask can be made more specificly according to your hair needs; in this case, are you interested in making one for you? Read More »

DIY eye cream

Interested in making a small box of DIY eye cream for your eyes? Shall be a nice experience! Read More »

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