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DIY Lip balm

DIY Lip balm

Any interests in making yourself a DIY lip balm? Handspire knows the secret to protect your lip skin!

Lip skin is very delicate not only because of its texture is really thin but also due to the fact that they are always exposed to the air. Winter is the harsh season for lips as the general environment is dry and cold. In this case, we suggest you to use lip balm to protect your lips´ skin to against the unpleasant condition, in which case your lips can be always charming despite the dryness and coldness.

However, among so many choices of lip balms, have you ever got the thoughts of a DIY one? Should fun!Now please take a look at the instruction on Handspire and make a DIY lip balm for yourself!


DIY Lip balm

Por Wenyi Publicado: April 8, 2014

    Supply your lips with enough moisture!



    1. Melt down the beeswax, adding in the coconut oil and honey when about half of the beeswax is no longer solid.
    2. Stir in the contents of 2 vitamin E capsules.
    3. Pour the mixture into a container or a tube and let cool.
    4. Apply as needed on your lips.
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