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It is said that a personĀ“s character can be seen in some ways through his or her living environment; tired of a bored home decoration and want to renew it and add your own creation to it? This section will give you some ideas about Home decor DIY. In this case, it is ensured that your home has its own appealing character, just like you!

DIY chandelier

Welcome to the world of creative light! In this section of DIY chandelier, Handspire provides you with idea of making home dercor of chandeliers. Read More »

DIY Wall art

Feeling bored when facing a blank wall day after day? It is time to try DIY wall art to make a change! Read More »

DIY Braid Lampshade

diy lamshade

Are you redecorating or simply looking for a DIY project? This DIY braid lamp is a stylish update to your old, lampshade. Read More »

DIY fairy lights

arts and crafts

Fairy lights are a perfect way of brightening up the inside or outside of your house, especially if you are hosting a dinner or party! Read More »

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