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DIY Braid Lampshade

DIY Braid Lampshade

Are you redecorating or simply looking for a DIY project? This DIY braid lamp is a stylish update to your old, lampshade.

To create your homemade braid lampshade, you will need:

  • Glue gun
  • Think material or rope (try to use a thick material to create a more 3D effect)
  • Old or plain white lampshade

1) Firstly, you'll need to measure how much material you're going to need. Do this by taking your material or rope and wrapping it round the lamp shade until you reach the top. Add on half a measurement, and cut with scissors.

2) Next measure two more lengths of material using your original piece as a guide.

3) Take your 3 sections of material or rope and braid them by crossing the outside sections into the middle alternately.

4) Once you have braided the material use a glue gun to glue the end.

5) Wrap the brad around the old lampshade in a circular motion being careful not to leave any of it showing. Every so often add glue to secure.

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