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How to make sure flies and insects don’t enter your house

How to make sure flies and insects don’t enter your house

It can be incredibly annoying when you want to enjoy the lovely weather outside but flies and insects are constantly bugging you. The best way to make sure your home is protected from unwelcomed creepy crawlies is to install a fly screen for your doors and windows.

For large or small rooms, protection against mosquitoes or pollen, or for private or public spaces, there are a variety of mesh screens to suit your needs. With great designs, you can make sure the screen you choose matches your home décor.

Choosing the best option for your house is easy when you can customise what you need using a configuration tool on the fly screen online shop. With different varieties available, we will guide you through all the top-quality fly screens on offer without having to struggle with a DIY project.

Roller fly screens

Whether you want to fit a fly screen for a window or French doors, roller fly screens are simple and easy to use. They come with no added complications and are adaptable in length as you are able to roll the screen freely up and down.

Roller screens open and close depending on your daily needs and how much fresh air you want to let in. Thanks to their high quality mesh design, they offer more discretion than other fly screens.

The roller fly screen is practical, easy to handle and can be customised to size, colour and position.

Pleated fly screens

Offering more to the design of a room, the pleated fly screen is perfect for preventing insects, mosquitoes and other bugs from coming into your home.

The pleated mesh screen allows you flexibility in how far to keep it open and is extremely easy to adjust to your own preference. The pleated fly screen is suitable for narrow spaces because of its space-saving design.

This fly screen comes with a lower rail to make sliding easy and discrete.

Fixed fly screens

For places where you don’t need to keep opening and closing the mesh, the fixed fly screen is the best solution. They work extremely well in spaces like the garage, basement or attic.

You can even choose between dark and light mesh to match the level of privacy you want for the area. Fixed fly screens also offer the best protection against flies and insects coming inside.

Fixed fly screens are all high quality and made-to-measure using an online configuration tool to ensure your home is well protected.

Sliding fly screens

Sliding fly screens can be installed as a comfortable solution to keeping out insects and pollution. The sliding frame is made from high quality materials and is easy to handle.

These screens work best for large surfaces such as patios, verandas and small balconies. They are also resistant to windy conditions as the frame provides more support to the mesh.

The sliding fly screens are customised to your home’s measurements and are very easy to look after and clean.

Hinged fly screens

Why not try the American-style fly screen to replace a door? The hinged fly screen is a great way to keep out insects and pollen in areas of your house that you use frequently.

Hinged screens are strong and sturdy. They are best used in areas where wheelchairs or pushchairs may need to gain access and work brilliantly by the front door.

With different types of mesh available, the hinged fly screen offers high protection.

Make sure insects and pollen stay away forever by choosing the best fly screen for your home. The high-quality mesh will keep you and your family protected.

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