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How to create your own DIY franchise

How to create your own DIY franchise

DIY, acronym for “Do It Yourself”, is a concept that has always existed as a form of entertainment, as an alternative to the classic gift and also as a method of saving money. Imagine that it’s Christmas Time and you didn’t have the time to buy the proper decoration for your Christmas Tree. Don’t worry, the solution is quite easy. You just need a light bulb, some glue and some glitters. You won’t have to throw away your objects anymore: learning the tricks of how to make items with do it yourself, you will be able to give them a new life.

What does DIY mean?

The most common use of the term DIY is referred to when we make an object instead of buying it directly from the shop. Realizing objects with our hands will give them an added value and a unique and personal touch, that is impossible to find anywhere else. On the internet, you will find lots of videos about DIY, but be careful: we must be aware of our possibilities in terms of time and money  and also of our limitations, because not everything that is explained on the Internet is economically profitable. But if DIY is your passion, you should consider opening your own business: have you have heard about the possibility of opening your own DIY franchise?

All you should know about franchising

Opening a franchise could be a good idea if you want to improve your own business, but if you are very new in this field, you should rely on an expert, that could give you hints about open Point Franchise is a relationship management platform between franchisors and franchise candidates, that helps entrepreneurs find the perfect franchise to suit them, divided by sectors, investments and region, country or cities. Point Franchise offers you lots of examples and hints if you decide to open your own franchise. The best case study that we can mention is Mr. Handyman. Literally, a handyman is a person skilled at a wide range of repairs, typically around the home, both interior and exterior. He like to decorate its home and he knows everything about Do It Yourself and manual labours. But Mr. Handyman is also known as a franchise that provides a wide range of home services, such as plumbing, painting, carpentry etc.. With its 100 locations across the United States and Canada and its 1 million customers, its technicians offer an average of 10 years of experience in the trades. You will just have to call them in case of necessity and they will find the best solution to your problem.

But what does franchising exactly mean? Franchising is a type of commercial affiliation or collaboration between entrepreneurs in order to distribute services and/or goods. Franchising is suitable for those who want to start a new business using patterns of business already tried, tested and established on the market. Franchising is indeed an agreement between two differents part: on the one hand a company with a consolidated commercial formula (franchisor) and on the other hand a company or a single entrepreneur (franchisee) that adheres to this formula, in order to open a new franchise shop.

One of the pro of opening a franchise is the reputation: if you're affiliated with a business that's known and appreciated on the market, you're sure you won't have to dedicate lots of efforts in order to build your business fame. Moreover, if you choose to open a new point of sale using a reality that has been already tested by other entrepreneurs, that allows you to know in advance the difficulties that you will have to face during this journey and avoid certain risks that can create problems to your business.

Your DIY franchise

The DIY is not very well explored in this sector yet, so... why don't you dare to be a pioneer nce there are no DIY franchises, find your DIY franchise model and go for it.

But remember: transforming a successful business into a franchise and starting to recruit affiliates is not easy, it requires a number of preventive tasks that need to be adequately developed. You should start studying the demand of the DIY market: what would your customers like to buy and how? You will have to provide not only the right products, but also high-quality and after-sell service if something goes wrong with the purchase. Don’t forget that you will have to do lots of efforts, as opening your own DIY franchise is not a promise of success, even if it is your passion. Pointed decisions, hard work and contact with the clients are the keys for a fruitful franchise business.

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