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Canvas and prints: the best way to brighten up your walls

Canvas and prints: the best way to brighten up your walls

It can be quite expensive when it comes to decorating your home but there is a great alternative. Using canvas prints or wall murals are a unique way to redesign your bedroom, bathroom and living spaces. With a huge variety of different types of wall decorations available, it is important to remember your home’s style and the special qualities of each room to create the perfect ambience.

Types of wall decorations

The most recent trend in home decoration has come from the walls. Canvas prints now come in a variety of different designs and sizes to make sure that there is something out there for every different type of room. Several home decoration shops will sell canvas wall prints and you can even look online for some wall art inspiration.

Another big statement to wow guests as they visit your home is to choose a feature wall. This could include a floor-to-ceiling wall mural that can transport you from your bedroom to the beach, from the kitchen to a tropical rainforest, or from your office to a peaceful haven. Wall murals are a great way to make a room feel bigger and bring your home design to life.

If a wall mural seems too much for you, then why not try wall hangings for added decoration without making as big a statement.

Choosing the perfect mural or canvas to decorate your home

Whether you are doing a complete room makeover or a smaller-scale redesign, wall decorations will still play a key part of the decoration. Interior styling should reflect your personality and the feel of your home from the gorgeous items you already have as part of the décor.

It is first important to determine the overall look for the room you are decorating. It may be bohemian chic, minimalistic or vintage. Once this has been decided then choosing the wall decorations to go with your furniture should be easy!

The colour palette for the room is also a vital part and can help in the decision to choose a canvas print or wall mural. One option would be to find a signature piece of wall decoration that will blend in perfectly with the bedding you have or the sofa sitting in the living room. Another option could be to contrast your existing colour scheme for something more bold, try clashing colours of a simple office with a bright canvas print or transform a pale children’s bedroom with a splash of colour form a wall mural.

How to put up wall decorations

After shopping around for your canvas print or ordering your wall mural online, it is time to assemble and transform your home.

When buying a wall print, there should usually be instructions and additional pieces when it comes to hanging up the canvas print. It is advisable to buy equipment from a hardware store to make sure that you can hang up prints on your walls safely. Many stores have home decoration sections that can provide hammers and nails. If in doubt, remember to call a professional or ask a friend to help.

For wall murals, the process is slightly different. Installing a wall mural will require more equipment and additional help as it is a larger piece of decoration. Freshly painted surfaces should be given a few weeks to dry and cure. Depending on the type of mural, you may need to prep your wall, purchase sticking products and a smoothing tool. You will definitely need a ladder and should not try to put up your mural alone.

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