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A futuristic crane hook helps you with your housework

A futuristic crane hook helps you with your housework

The latest innovative product from Elebia sees a progressive change to the crane industry that will alleviate heavy lifting and ease the process for both the crane and workers. This new release hook is changing many different types of industries, including construction, mining, aerospace and manufacturing. The Elebia pioneering crane hook is improving the safety and productivity of many global leader companies, proving that the product is here to stay on the market.

From travelling the world at exhibitions, the Elebia release hook has made ground-breaking news through its demonstrations of handling radioactive material and lifting materials to be testing for aerospace experiments. The release hook has proved its worth on the larger scale but now it is being brought to the everyday home. Whether you are renovating, expanding or redesigning your house, the release hook can help make your DIY projects that little bit easier and safer.

How the release hook works

Elebia’s crane hook is labelled to be automatic due to the magnetic connection attached to the lower part of the hook. There is a sling attachment that will be connected to the load being lifted. As the magnetic part of the release hook gets closer to the sling they are attracted, with the sling being centred and orientated so it is ready for lifting. Once the hook and the sling are in contact, a signal is recorded by the remote control that can be handled by yourself or whoever is managing the lifting load. The operator will only have to click a button on the remote to close the hook and lifting can begin safely from a distance.

The special failsafe design of this release hook means that the lifted load can never be dropped. This is because the crane hook includes a feature that requires the motor to rotate the hook in order for a load to be released.

With a range of models available, from hooks lifting 2,500 kgs to 25,000kgs, no matter the workload there is an Elebia remote hook for the job.

release hook

Benefits of using the release hook

As larger corporations have already entrusted Elebia with their crane hook products, incorporating this model for your own home use will be easy. The remote hook allows you to pick up and release loads without the need for you to carry heavy materials across any distance. Whether you are building an outdoor pool, redesigning your garden or updating your interior décor, make your life easier with the Elebia hook.

  • Loads can be hooked and unhooked remotely from a safe distance.
  • The hook can be applied to several different slinging methods, appropriate for the job being carried out (metal ring, cable slings, big bags).
  • Reduced risk of injury from heavy lifting.
  • It provides user comfort with minimal effort required.

With a variety of different hooks for smaller and larger weights, suitable remote controls, battery powers and accessories, there will be a combination of Elebia products suited to any kind of task. The release hook is a great home accessory that is perfect for people who love DIY projects and renovations. It is an easy, safe and reliable product to assist you in heavy lifting and the transportation of materials.

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