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Photo necklace

Photo necklace

Personalized gifts are always welcomed during the festival seasons. Being original and very sentimental, there is nothing better than gifting something done that day by yourself. This personalized photo necklace is very simple to make; a necklace with pictures to show the best memories.
Most materials used are easy to find, although the Diamond Glaze  may be unfamiliar for you, but let us start to craft gifts like this!

About Diamond Glaze:

It is an adhesive which dries is a dimensional aspect and transparent glass.
Can be used for gluing jewelry, cameos images ... as it is transparent when dry thoroughly. It can also serve to give some parts glossy finishes.
Another advantage of this adhesive is that it can be mixed with dyes to give an original touch to your crafts.


How to make a photo necklace

Por Wenyi Publicado: April 14, 2014

    Here we show you how to make a photo necklace with your favourite picture; a smart idea to gift it as well as for personal use !



    1. Put a thin layer of Diamond Glaze on the glass.
    2. Place the photo facedown on the glass. Press a little and make sure you remove all bubbles. Then apply another layer of glaze, this time on the back of the picture and let dry.
    3. With a hook for necklaces and strong glue, place it in the back of the glass. Let dry for 24 hours.
    4. Put a chain on the hook to hang the necklace.
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