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Home Design Ideas: Feature Wall

Home Design Ideas: Feature Wall

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Creating a feature wall is a fantastic way of giving a room a dramatic makeover and an interesting focus point. From a printed wallpaper to a clever tile design, there are many ways to create a feature wall. Give your feature walls a personal touch by adding photos, great idea for a bedroom. Or include a contemporary design to give any room a modern touch.

There are millions of wallpaper designs that can be bought at hardware stores or online. Very cheap to buy and easy to create. Try floral, oriental and landscape prints, perfect for a feature wall. If you want something really unique, play around with creative textures, try wood, stone and plaster.

Here are some creative ideas:

feature wall 1 feature wall 3 feature wall 7 feature wall 8 feature wall 11 feature wall 12 feature wall 13 feature wall 14 feature wall 15 feature wall 17 feature wall 19 feature wall

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