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How to do Halloween vampire makeup

How to do Halloween vampire makeup

How to create vampire makeup

Por mercedes Publicado: October 11, 2013

    Follow these easy steps to create a spooky vampire look for Halloween.



    1. Use a tap or post it note in order to create a straight line for the eye shadow. Then take the red/purple eye shadow and apply it onto the eyelid and out towards the tape. Blend the colour using finger pad or brush.
    2. Eye MakeupTake a darker eye shadow and starting from the outer eye and blend inwards. Next apply black eye shadow in the same way.
    3. Apply black eye shadow to the side of the bridge of the nose and to the corner of the eye and blend the colour.
    4. Apply lighter eye shadow to the corner of the eye.
    5. Apply red/purple eye shadow to outline the bottom of the eyelid. Then apply the black eye shadow in the same way starting from the outer eye and blending inwards.
    6. Apply highlighter powder underneath eye brow and blend colour.
    7. Use eyeliner to outline the top and bottom eyelid. Bring the eyeliner to a point and the inner corner of the eye.
    8. Apply false lashes using adhesive glue. Next apply mascara.
    9. Colour in eyebrows with black eye shadow using brush to create a dramatic look.
    10. Apply white/light foundation to the whole face.
    11. Apply dark face powder or bronzer to contour the cheekbone. Again you can use tape to obtain a sharper edge and a more dramatic look.
    12. Lips MakeupLine the lips with eye liner. Blend colour into the middle using brush. Apply dark purple lipstick over the top.
    13. Apply fake blood to the corners of the mouth. Letting it drip down the face as shown in the tutorial.
    14. Apply coloured contact lenses if you wish to create a spooky effect.
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