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DIY: Pinwheel Baby Mobile

DIY: Pinwheel Baby Mobile

These days mobiles can be very expensive, so why not try making your own?

DIY pinwheel mobiles are super cute and very easy to make. Customize your mobile to fit the colour schemes of your nursery or keep it neutral for a perfect gift for a baby shower!

Here are some pictures to give you a few ideas about colour schemes:

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DIY pinwheel baby mobile

DIY Baby Mobile ideas

Por mercedes Publicado: October 18, 2013

    Follow the easy steps in this guide to create your own pinwheel baby mobile



    1. Firstly, cut your scrapbook paper into equal squares of about 6 inches. If you can't find double sided paper you can glue two pieces of scrapbook paper together to get the same effect.
    2. Using a ruler and pencil, draw two diagonal lines onto the square of scrapbook paper. Punch a hole in the middle of the square and one in each corner using the hole punch.
    3. Cut down all 4 lines starting from the outside corners. Be careful to stop cutting about 1/2 an inch from the middle.
    4. Fold each tab into the centre so all the holes align. Punch a brad through all the holes and secure. You can use a little glue in the middle to make sure the pinwheel is extra durable.
    5. Attach your thread to the back of the pinwheel, either with glue or by tying it to the brad. Next attach thread to the embroidery hoop. The length of the thread will depend on the height of your ceiling.
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