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DIY coffee table

DIY coffee table

Coffee table means a table for relaxing and enjoying a cup of warm coffee or tea; which requires an atmosphere of comfort and enjoyment. In this case, have you ever interested in DIY  your own coffee table to make this moment more ¨Personal¨? The working process time can also be fun!

Here Handspire provides with an example of DIY a coffee table out of wine crates, not only it helps to the wooden material but also add some nature´s appeal to your coffee table. However, you can also have your own creation regarding DIY coffee table. From now on, pay more attention to your surrounding to find out what kind of material can be recycled for new stuff!

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DIY coffee table

Por Wenyi Publicado: April 8, 2014

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Learn to make a coffee table out of recycled material!



  1. Screw the wheels into the wood base for the table.
  2. Bolt all the wood pieces together to make them fit each other
  3. Make sure each wine crates holding each other well
  4. Stain all the pieces. Apply a second coat of stain if in need (To make the colour more evenly spread).
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