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DIY Bunting

DIY Bunting

These cute DIY buntings are perfect for any birthday, party, wedding or special occasion. Use fun bright colours and creative patterns to make any room more festive and fun. Try mini buntings for cake decoration!

Plus they are very easy and cheap to make! All you need is:

  • Decorative paper; scrapbook paper, craft paper, wall paper, wrapping paper or fabric.
  • Thread
  • Garland templates or card
  • Needle and thread or glue

1) Crate templates for the garland using online printable templates or create your own using card.

2) Take your first piece of patterned paper and fold in half so you have two sides. Trace the shapes for your bunting onto the fabric/ decorative paper and cut them out.

3) Repeat step 2 for each different type of fabric/ paper you have, the more variety the better!

4) Sew or glue together the top side of your shape, repeat step for each shape and try to make sure they are all in one straight line.

Tailor the design of your bunting to the occasion! Here are some design ideas:

DIY Bunting DIY Bunting DIY Bunting DIY Bunting DIY Bunting DIY Bunting DIY Bunting DIY Bunting


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