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DIY bathroom storage

Clean the clutter in your bathroom with these crafty DIY storage solutions!

diy bathroom storage diy bathroom storage diy bathroom storage diy bathroom storage

1. Mount disused crates on the wall for instant shelving and use ladders for a towel holder with a rustic twist. Even old wine barrels can be turned into unconventional DIY shelving by adding 2 inserts at right angles and hanging from the wall.

diy bathroom storage diy bathroom storage rope shelf  rope shelf

2. Buy or re-use some old wooden shelves and use rope to hang from the ceiling. The rope has a hint of nautical to it that will add character to your bathroom.

diy bathroom storage storage bathroom storage bathroom storage bathroom

3. These paper baskets make great and compact ways to store bathroom items. They take up no space and can be easily attached with hooks and screws. Even a wire file holder can be mounted onto a wall as great space-saving storage!

diy bathroom storage

4. Alternatively fix glass jars to a wooden panel if you're going for a clean, modern bathroom design. This works best for cosmetic products which are usually small and get lost easily! It means the bathroom is organised and as you can see exactly what is in each jar it saves time when getting ready.





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