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Cupcakes: Ideas and Inspiration

Cupcakes: Ideas and Inspiration

Make your own cupcakes!

Use the template from thesimple cake recipe and pour the mixture into cupcake cases as a great alternative to baking one big cake. Great for childrens parties, or any party with a lot of mouths to feed(!), cupcakes are easy to serve and fun to decorate. View some chocolate recipes for everyone's favourite type of cupcake.

Cupcake Parties

Use cupcakes as an excuse to invite over your friends for something a little different and host a party dedicated to the sweet treats!

Bake, watch decoration tutorials, and at the end of the night enjoy all your hard work. There are now businesses set up to host cupcake parties, just in case you didn't want to deal with the organising and the mess...


Be inspired to create fun cupcakes that are suitable for all occasions...

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